Participation Terms

Competition: "Hoodies/L.A.Q.U.E./Bag"

The competition organiser is edding Expressive Skin GmbH, Bookkoppel 7, 22926 Ahrensburg, Germany (hereinafter “edding TATTOO”/“Us“/“We“).
Registration number: HRB 17758 HL
VAT number: DE318613173

These terms and conditions apply to the event "Giveaway: Hoodies/L.A.Q.U.E./Bag" (hereinafter referred to as the ‘event’) of edding Expressive Skin GmbH (“edding TATTOO”), located at Bookkoppel 7, 22926 Ahrensburg. edding TATTOO declares that it will act in accordance with the provisions of the code of conduct at all times. By participating in this promotion, the participant agrees to these terms and conditions. No dispute of these terms and conditions will be taken into consideration. The terms and conditions can be viewed, downloaded and printed via the following web page:

The event will take place from Wednesday 08 February 2023 until Monday 13 February 2023. The aim of the event is to follow the page, like the post, share the post in the story, comment the design of the hoodie the person would like to have and the size (design A-D, visible on the creative). This giveaway will take place on Instagram and on Facebook. All entries have a chance to win prizes. In total there are 6 prizes to win (3 on Instagram, 3 on Facebook). At random the winner will be drawn from all entries.

1. General

    • The event is set up by edding TATTOO
    • In all cases, edding TATTOO reserves the right to change, extend or prematurely terminate the event. edding TATTOO also reserves the right to change these promotional terms and conditions at any time. We therefore recommend that you review the terms and conditions regularly;
    • The event is an initiative of edding TATTOO; all rights with regard to the event belong solely to edding TATTOO; Parties other than edding TATTOO are not permitted to take over or imitate the event in whole or in part, or to create the impression that they are involved in (the organisation of) the event, unless edding TATTOO has given prior written permission to do so;
    • All employees of edding TATTOO, affiliated organizations and suppliers are excluded from participation.
    • All participants of the event are bound by the content of these Terms and conditions.
2. Participation
    • Any person residing in Germany is entitled to participate in this promotion;
    • If you are under the age of 16, you must have permission from your legal representative to participate in the event;
    • The event runs from 08/02/2023 to 13/02/2023;
    • Entries submitted after 13/02/2023 will not compete for the prize and will be excluded from the event;
    • A participant to the event is any person who, during the duration of the event, follows the page, likes the post, shares the post in the story, comments the design of the hoodie the person would like to have and the size- through a public social media profile - with @edding_tattoo on Instagram or edding TATTOO on Facebook.
    • A submission may be refused if, in the opinion of edding TATTOO, the text may violate the rights of third parties or any legal provisions;
    • By submitting the submission, the participant declares that he/she can be reached, via the social medium used for submitting the submission, for the settlement of the prize and/or that he/she may contact edding TATTOO himself after winning a prize;
    • Every person with the same name and address details can participate in the event as often as he/she wants.
3. Prizes
    • The prize pool consists of 6 prizes of max. €80, being made available by edding TATTOO and its partners.
    • The prize must be claimed before April 1, 2023. If the prize is not claimed before the stated date, the prize will be forfeited;
    • The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and/or any other material consideration. In addition, the prize is personal and non-transferable;
    • edding TATTOO is not responsible for any tax to be paid on the prize to be won;
    • Only submissions that fully comply with these terms and conditions and that have not been refused by edding TATTOO will be eligible for the prizes;
    • A total of 6 winner will be selected at random from all submissions. 
    • The winners will be contacted on 15 Feburary 2023 at the latest. The names of the winners for Instagram will be published on the Instagram story of the edding_tattoo channel. The winners for Facebook will be published in a comment of the post itself.
    • Prizes will only be awarded to a person residing in Germany during the event and the prize-giving;
    • Each person with the same name and address details can only win a prize once;
    • Participant hereby declares that he/she will cooperate with marketing and publicity purposes in connection with this event and hereby gives permission to use his/her name and/or image material on which he/she is depicted (of, for example, the awarding of a prize) for which any statements related to this event;
    • The results are not open for discussion.
4. Privacy statement
edding TATTOO declares that all personal data obtained from participants in the context of the promotion will be treated in strict confidence and in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation. By participating to the event, the participant agrees that his or her data will be made available to edding TATTOO. edding TATTOO will only use this information for making the stories visible on its social media channels and for choosing the winners. The participant has the right to request that his or her data be removed from the database at any time.
5. About these terms and conditions
    • No rights can be derived from these terms and conditions;
    • edding TATTOO is not liable for any damage suffered by the participant as a result of participating to the event, including, but not limited to, damage resulting from: inability to participate to the event, exclusion from participation or disqualification, late receipt of the prize, minor deviations in the prize received from the published prize and/or not being able to use the price. edding TATTOO is also not liable or responsible for any injury or damage while using the prize;
    • By participating in the event, the participant indemnifies edding TATTOO against any of all claims by third parties as a result of the participant's participation to or the consequences of this event.
6. Contact
If you have any questions about the event, please contact Any complaints and/or comments about the event can be addressed in writing to edding TATTOO, edding Expressive Skin GmbH, Bookkoppel 7, 22926 Ahrensburg, Germany. Our terms of use and privacy policy apply to this event and any other use of the website.