Walk In Tattoo

Walk In Tattoo

Spontaneously & without an appointment

You are already tattooed and spontaneously have time and desire for a tattoo? Maybe you are in Hamburg right now or have discovered our studio spontaneously? Here you can find out how we deal with walk-in tattoos.

Walk in Day or specific times?

In the future we will offer a Walk In Day at regular intervals. We keep the day completely free for spontaneous appointments, so that you can fulfill your tattoo wish without a long lead time . At our Walk In Days you can choose your favorite from previously created flash tattoos by our artists . These are small motifs that last no longer than an hour. You can find out more about upcoming events on our website.

You can also try your luck on normal opening days and come by spontaneously. So that you don't come to the studio in vain, please give us a call beforehand and we can tell you whether we still have an appointment slot available for you that day. Experience has shown that your chances are much better during the week. We usually have a relatively large number of appointments at the weekend and are therefore less able to accommodate Walk ins.

For tattoo newbies

If you would like to get your first tattoo done, unfortunately we cannot offer you a walk-in. Our philosophy is to always plan at least 24 hours for tattoo newbies to think about it between the consultation and tattoo appointment.

What motifs are possible with a spontaneous tattoo?

With a tattoo without an appointment, the options are somewhat limited. With smaller motifs that are not so complex, there is a greater chance that we can tattoo you at short notice. In the case of complex and large tattoos, an appointment must still be made.

What else do I have to consider?

A bit of preparation is also necessary for walk-ins.

  • Come relaxed and rested to your tattoo appointment and plan enough time so that there is no stress
  • Do not put too much strain on the part of the body in the days before the tattoo ( no extreme physical training )
  • Drink a lot of water and eat well before your tattoo appointment so that you feel fit and your circulation doesn't get sluggish
  • Avoid alcohol in the two days before the tattoo and do not take anything that may have a blood-thinning effect (e.g. medication that should be discontinued in advance depending on the effect and consultation with the doctor)
  • Come to your tattoo appointment showered and in comfortable, clean clothing
  • Make sure that the area to be tattooed is free of injuries or irritation (e.g. sunburn).
  • You are welcome to bring someone with you to support you

Please understand if it doesn't work out with a spontaneous tattoo, it always depends on the appointments on the respective day.

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