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Fineline tattoos (also: one line, single line or single needle), which originated in the 80s, are very popular again today. The demand for the minimalist and subtle motifs is great. Everything you need to know about the tattoo style can be found here.

What defines the Fineline Tattoo style?

Fineline tattoos consist of very filigree and fine lines . From minimalist to detailed motifs - a fine line tattoo comes in a wide variety of forms. In addition to the popular lettering or mini tattoos, a fineline tattoo can also be larger.

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The tattoos have in common that the outlines are engraved with fine needles and mostly black tattoo ink. In addition to the black color for the outlines, white or gray tones can also be used for light shading.

The filigree tattoos are also often combined with other styles, such as dotwork , watercolor , sketch or geometric .

What should be considered with fineline tattoos?

It is often argued that fineline tattoos are less durable than other tattoo styles, and over the years they don't look as good or fade faster. A few points should be considered when choosing the motif, the size and the body part. Above all, the motif should not be too small . The tattoo artist will advise you on the correct size and placement in the consultation.

Fineline tattoos are often perceived as not so painful and usually heal quickly, since there are not so many punctures in the skin and only small needle sizes are used. The perception of pain is very individual from person to person.

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Which parts of the body for fineline tattoos?

In principle, all parts of the body can be suitable for a fineline tattoo. It is always a question of the interplay between size, motif and placement.

On parts of the body where the skin is particularly thin (e.g. fingers or the back of the foot), the durability of tattoos is limited. This should be considered when making the decision.

Which tattoo artist for fineline tattoos?

With fineline motifs, it is particularly important that the lines are engraved accurately and evenly . You should therefore choose an artist who has experience with the style.

Despite their simplicity, fineline tattoos require a high level of concentration on the part of the artist, since the motifs have to be engraved very precisely.

Alex from our team has specialized in the fineline style and is the right contact person for you. Check out his profile here: Alex

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