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Gionnattan gehört zu unseren Guest Tattoo Artists. Hier bekommst Du einen Eindruck von seinem Tattoo Style.

Du möchtest ein Tattoo von Gionnattan? Dann buche Dir einen Termin!

Gionnattan findest Du vom 27.03. bis zum 07.04.2023 in unserem Studio. 

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How did you come to do art / tattoos?

I draw since I was a child, I was very involved into plastic arts since really young, then when I went to university, I studied graphic design, and modern arts, and I got quite interested in tattooing trying to mix what I've learned since that time

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If the world is about to end, I would like to spend all the time we have with my family

At home with my family

Disorganization, irresponsibility, and arrogance

If the question means countries - in my country of course, i started there, then colombia, argentina, spain, germany, netherlands, and denmark, but if the question means body parts, then i've tattooed over all

I follow the company since a good time, using at first the markets to draw when i don't even think about tattooing, so it was quite surprising to me to find Edding Tattoo studio, and i like what i've seen so far

Beside a good and comfortable place to work, good illumination, good stencil, the hygiene is one of the most important things in a tattoo

For me is quite important that customers are happy with results and leave the place totally pleased with what they've got, even if it is a simple line

Basically the good quality of work at first, at second the human quality of the team, at third the good atmosphere of work among all the members with a good communication and comprehension

Can't remember exactly the very first, but i can remember ive done couple of mini letterings and some shaky lines as happy faces and so on

Gotta be honest, and i hate them, I don't do covers at all, unless they are minimal and easy to fill, but i dont have brain or patience for covers at all

Forgetting about the typical anker, i would highly suggest to go for an octopus, ship or a lighthouse, or even mix some of these premise into a single and unique design as horror or dark art if i have freedom of course

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